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You can have a healthy co-parenting relationship -- on paper

When you planned your wedding, you probably never considered the fact that your marriage could end. You went about your lives, which included purchasing a home in which you thought you would raise your children and grow old together. For whatever reason, your marriage began to deteriorate to the point where you and your spouse are considering divorce.

One of the problems you face is what to do about the marital home. Even though the economy continues to recover from the recession and the housing market crash, you may be one of many California homeowners who can't afford to refinance the home or sell it. If the two of you are considering remaining in the home, but separating and beginning the divorce process, you may need to create a plan to do so.

Felony charges of aggravated assault

Whether it was a tussle at your favorite bar, a dispute with a neighbor or an act of self-defense, if police arrested you on assault charges, you are likely concerned about what will happen next. However, when you learned that they intended to charge you with aggravated assault, you may have been confused and uncertain about how to proceed.

In Pennsylvania, a simple assault is typically a misdemeanor, depending on the circumstances. It can include actually striking someone or merely threatening or intimidating someone. Aggravated assault is a charge far more serious than simple assault. A conviction for this offense can have life-long repercussions, and facing this situation without quality legal counsel may be a mistake.

Prepare ahead of time for your immigration interview

Starting a new life as an immigrant in Pennsylvania can be exciting, challenging and somewhat frightening, all at the same time. Hopefully, you have a strong support network in place because major life transitions of any kind are often less stressful if you have friends, family and other helpful resources at your disposal. You can also do some research on your own to learn more about U.S. immigration laws or specific issues that may concern you or your loved ones.

If you recently married a U.S. citizen or are in the process of seeking a status adjustment for some other reason, a time may come when officials request your presence at an immigration interview. Trying to work, run errands, socialize and otherwise carry out normal tasks or duties on an average day is difficult enough if you have a language barrier and are still adapting to your new lifestyle; appearing at an interview where immigration officials will ask questions that may affect your legal status may be even more stressful.

Do your troubles signal reconciliation or divorce?

You and your spouse may be going through some tough times. In fact, the tough times may have been going on for a while, and you are now wondering if it is better to just cut your losses. After all, there comes a point where you are exhausted with the fight and longing for a more peaceful life.

It may not surprise you to learn that people who divorce have gone through similar struggles. However, you may not realize that happily married Pennsylvania couples also experience the kinds of troubles you and your spouse are facing. Psychologists believe that the different backgrounds and methods of dealing with stress that everyone has coming into a marriage play a vital role in how they endure marital conflict.

How is child support calculated in Pennsylvania?

When two parents no longer live together, the primary custodial parent, or the parent who has the children for more than 50% of overnights in a 2 week period, is entitled to child support.  When the parents have "shared custody," meaning it is 50%-50%, the parent who makes less money is entitled to child support.

I've been charged with DUI...what now?

The Pennsylvania DUI statute, 75 Pa.C.S. Section 3802, defines driving under the influence of alcohol as driving, operating, or being in actual physical control of the movement of a vehicle after imbiding a sufficient amount of alcohol such that the individual is rendered incapable of safely driving, operating, or being in actual physical control of a vehicle.  This is called "general impairment."

HELP! My family member has been detained by ICE...what do I do?

One of the scariest things a person can experience is a uniformed law enforcement officer knocking on your door with a search warrant or arrest warrant.  That fear only intensifies when the uniformed officer is a member of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and they are attempting to find and detain you or a loved one.

Custody Procedure in Lancaster County

The first question many people ask at the beginning of a custody consult is, "What's the process like?"  The custody process is dictated by the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure and the applicable custody statutes of Pennsylvania.  However, each county is tasked with implementing those procedures in the manner in which they deem to be judicially efficient.  So, the answer to that question often depends on what county the case will be litigated.

Immigration Updates - 9/11/17

Recently, members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) met with members from the United States Department of Homeland Security and the Enforcement and Removal Operations of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This meeting was provide AILA attorneys with updates on the current state of affairs when it comes to enforcement procedures involving immigration law violations.

Joint custody is a popular choice, but is it right for you?

When parents divorce, it can be challenging for the youngest members of the family. Divorce is never easy, but Pennsylvania parents can provide stability and security for their children long after the process is final by choosing a custody plan that offers the kids a good relationship with both of their biological parents.

One of the ways that many families do this is by choosing a joint custody plan. This is a somewhat popular choice among divorcing parents as it gives both parties equitable time with the children, but it is not always the best option in every situation. You would be wise to learn about your options and make a decision based on what is best for your unique family.


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