How can fathers protect their custody rights?

Dads play a critical role in the lives of their children. There is ample evidence that kids benefit when allowed to maintain strong relationships with their parents after a divorce, but courts may still give preference to the mother. As a dad, you may have to fight for a fair and reasonable custody or visitation order and being prepared and knowing what to do could give you a higher chance of success.

The terms of a custody order will affect every member of your family for years to come. While parents are entitled to certain rights, the primary goal of any final agreement is to protect the interests of the children long-term. If you are a dad who wants to be certain the well-being of your kids are secure for the future, you may benefit from working with an experienced attorney who can help you accomplish this goal.

Custody tips for fathers

Regardless of what is happening in the fight for child custody, a supporting parent will need to continue with child support payments. You cannot withhold this money to get back at the mom or withhold it until there is a resolution to custody concerns. Some other things you may need to do in your pursuit of custody rights include the following:

  • It’s helpful to keep accurate records of all interactions with the other parent, deviations from the visitation plan and problems that arise. This will help validate claims in case the custody case goes to court.
  • You should keep showing up for important events in the life of the children. School plays, sporting events and other things are opportunities to prove everyday involvement and commitment.
  • You should have designated spaces in your homes for your children if you hope to secure custody or overnight visitation. This means clean and safe places to sleep, eat and play.
  • When possible, you should strive to maintain good relationships with your kids. Phone calls, video chats and general connection provide opportunities to preserve a bond when physical parenting time is not possible.

You do not have to fight for your custody rights alone. If you want fair parenting and visitation time, you may want to start by seeking the guidance of an experienced Pennsylvania family law attorney. This can help you understand the legal options available to you and how you can pursue terms that will allow you to have a strong relationship with your children for years to come.