Making Sure Child Support Calculations Are Fair

Child support in Pennsylvania is determined by a method implemented by state lawmakers. Fairness and the best interests of the children remain at the core of this legal precedent. If you are a parent in this situation and need an experienced and determined ally to help, reach out to us.

Chan & Associates in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is a skilled and seasoned family law firm that advocates for parents in child support matters. While state guidelines help calculate child support, we will do our best to make sure you receive a fair and more than reasonable payment to help in the raising of your children.

An Experienced Family Law Attorney on Your Side

Some key factors come into play in calculating the amount of child support that one parent must pay to the other. These include:

  • Physical custody of the child
  • The number of minor children in each case
  • The monthly after-tax incomes of each parent
  • Additional child-rearing costs such as school- and health-related expenses

Some things to remember: The primary custodial parent has the child for more than 50 percent of overnight stays, thus, he or she is entitled to child support. If a “shared custody” agreement exists in which the child spends half of his or her time with each parent, then the parent who earns less income is entitled to child support.

We will steadfastly represent you at domestic relations conferences to ensure fairness.

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Now that you are a single parent, you need child support to pay for the things your children will need. When you need a legal champion who can guide you at domestic relations conferences to determine your child support amount, let Chan & Associates in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, help you. For an initial consultation, contact us via email or call 717-869-0015. Our team members also speak the Mandarin Chinese and Spanish languages.