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Stopping Deportation Actions Remains A Priority For Our Legal Team

Deportation. Many immigrants and non-U.S. citizens shudder in fear when they hear or see this single word. And that pendulum of fear continues even more so in today’s hotly debated environment surrounding immigration. Who will stay? Who will go? You do not want to live in fear.

Chan & Associates in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is a team of attorneys with nearly 20 years of experience practicing immigration law. We protect the rights of clients, and we protect families. If you face removal proceedings, you need a skillful, aggressive and effective attorney who will fight for your right to remain in the United States.

Evaluate, Litigate And Appeal

When it comes to deportation, there are a few scenarios in which you will face scrutiny. For example, you may have overstayed your permitted time on a visa; you lack immigration status or even face criminal charges.

If you found yourself ensnared in a potential removal proceeding, here is what we will do:

  • Meet with clients who have been detained by U.S. authorities
  • Thoroughly evaluate every aspect of your case to determine the legal possibilities
  • Petition immigration courts to obtain the release of detained immigrants
  • Provide skilled and crucial litigation defense at deportation proceedings
  • File appeals for any unfavorable decisions, going before federal courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals

In some situations, humanitarian issues may come to the forefront. We are compassionate, nonjudgmental and aggressive. We want to help you overcome what may be the biggest challenge in your life. We are fearless when it comes to protecting families and keeping them together.

We Will Represent You, So Call Right Away

If you face a deportation action, we will do our best to stop it. Chan & Associates in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is an experienced immigration law firm always seeking resolutions. Contact us online or call 717-925-0665. We represent clients throughout the state. Our attorneys also speak Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.