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When a marriage has broken down to the point where there is no chance of reconciliation, the next step will be obtaining a divorce. Some divorces are amicable; some are contentious. Regardless of the complexity of the divorce, there are certain rules and timelines that must be followed and certain beneficial options that need to be considered.

This is where an experienced and aggressive divorce attorney can step in, and help you reach the next part of your life. Chan & Associates in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is a team of lawyers with nearly 20 years of family law experience. We will advocate for you at every step.

Providing Answers To Many Issues

As seasoned divorce attorneys, we will work closely with you to make sure you are treated fairly and receive what you deserve from the proceedings. We understand that this can be an emotional and trying time for you and your family, and our experienced attorneys will oversee your case with care and diligence.

Among the issues that we will address include:

  • Equitable distribution of assets: The house, vacation homes, retirement and bank accounts
  • Child custody and visitation: Keeping the child’s best interest in mind when determining custody
  • Calculating child support in Pennsylvania: Advocating for you to ensure you get a fair settlement
  • Alimony: If you deserve spousal support, we will make sure you get it
  • Divorce preparation: Guiding and preparing you for what needs to get done
  • Protective orders: Securing these court-ordered documents if your former spouse becomes a threat to you

As compassionate attorneys, we will do our best to understand what you are going through. As aggressive advocates, we will make sure to protect your rights.

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Chan & Associates in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is a skilled divorce law firm. Our attorneys will help you in taking the first step toward a positive life direction. Contact us online or call 717-925-0665. Our attorneys also speak Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.