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How is child support calculated in Pennsylvania?

When two parents no longer live together, the primary custodial parent, or the parent who has the children for more than 50% of overnights in a 2 week period, is entitled to child support.  When the parents have "shared custody," meaning it is 50%-50%, the parent who makes less money is entitled to child support.

Custody Procedure in Lancaster County

The first question many people ask at the beginning of a custody consult is, "What's the process like?"  The custody process is dictated by the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure and the applicable custody statutes of Pennsylvania.  However, each county is tasked with implementing those procedures in the manner in which they deem to be judicially efficient.  So, the answer to that question often depends on what county the case will be litigated.

Joint custody is a popular choice, but is it right for you?

When parents divorce, it can be challenging for the youngest members of the family. Divorce is never easy, but Pennsylvania parents can provide stability and security for their children long after the process is final by choosing a custody plan that offers the kids a good relationship with both of their biological parents.


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